When Steven was going down the local sidewalk looking for Pearl, he ran into his friend Peedee who was wearing the costume and was being attacked by seagulls who confused the costume for having real french fries on them. Peedee told Steven how he hated the costume so Steven decided to help his friend by putting the shard of a gem in the costume after Steven tried but failed at wearing the costime itself. Frybo at first followed the orders the two of them gave him as he was able to convince Peedee's father that he was doing his job but he soon went insane. Moments later, Steven and Peedee ran back to the  to discover that Frybo went insane and has began ravaging the  and is seen stuffing french fries into peoples' mouths. Steven and Peedee get attacked by Frybo and are pinned down as Peedee's dad was thrown on top of them. Soon Pearl showed up in an attempt to stop Frybo and threw her spear at his eye only to have it spew out  and mustard (blood) out of its eye, which causes both Pearl and Frybo to both fall back. Peedee attempts to  his dad by attacking Frybo only to be quickly defeated and is saved by Steven, who uses gems shards to turn his clothes into drones. Frybo is eventually pinned down by Steven, who pulls the gem shard (the source of Frybo's consciousness) out of Frybo's mouth, thus forever ending his terror spree.